Prior to completing my Masters of Occupational Therapy Practice degree at LaTrobe University, I also completed a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy and worked as a community pharmacist in Vermont South. It was during my time studying to be a pharmacist that I volunteered with the Interchange Recreation Program to support children and young people with disabilities to participate in leisure activities in the community such as swimming and camps. These wonderful experiences were pivotal in my decision to pursue a rewarding career as an occupational therapist.

Since then, I have worked across several settings such as reputable Early Intervention services and an Autism specific Early Intervention service, private practice, an Autism-specific school (UK) and the NHS OT service(UK).  My practice is influenced by my training undertaken in several different models and programs: 

  •  Sensory Integration- Sensory Integration Training (Module 1) in the UK

  •  DIR/Floortime Model

  • Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance (CO-OP)- certified therapist
  • The Alert Program-How does my engine run?

  • ​Wilber Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (formerly know as Wilbarger Brushing Protocol)
  • Listening Program

  • M.O.R.E-approach
  • Hanan training for non-Speech Therapists
  • Keyworker Model

I have experience working with children with a range of challenges and conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Dyspraxia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  I believe that each child is their own unique person with loveable personalities, interests, strengths and challenges. It is my hope to help children and their parents and educators to maximise this potential. My approach to therapy encourages parents, caregivers and educators to be involved in therapy and to be working together as a team. 

As well as working in my practice, I also continue to work at an Early Intervention Service in Melbourne. My interests are spending time with my family and keeping up with my 1 year old! I also volunteer my time to sit on the Access Committee in Stonnington which aims to provide Council with advice and feedback on how to improve life and inclusion of residents with a disability.